Own photo gallery with all the comfort features



They are a some great opensource databased photo galleries avaiable that you can install on your server. Those galleries allready have an interface for publishing photos.


Publishing new photos per web interface can be annoying. Usualy, you upload the photos and manage albums and viewer rights in the same time. You are bound to your PC or Mac because your thousands of photos are stored there. And you need a good internet connection for uploading.


The process is much more enjoyable if you could the split the work into single tasks.




Enjoy uploading new photos


With JustResizeIt!+, you can simplify the uploading process by splitting the work into three distinct tasks:



1. Save the photos from your camera


Illustration, media flashCopy the pictures from
your camera regularly
to save them localy.




2. Upload choosen photos on the server


Illustration, widget resize and upload progressIn a still moment at home, review your photos localy and drag & drop the photos you want to have in your gallery on the JustResizeIt!+ widget set for upload.


You use your PC or Mac and your fast internet connection at home to upload the photos. You upload series of new photos in the server folder but don't need to manage them right away.



3. Arrange your photos


Illustration, pile of photosWhen you have the time, arrange the uploaded photos into albums, comment them, add permissions, etc.


You can do this online, in the gallery software.


You don't need to be at home on your PC or Mac, you can do this outside home from a tablet as organizing requires much less bandwidth.




An example with Piwigo


piwigo.org logo

Piwigo is an excellent photo gallery for the web built by an active community of users and developers.
Visit Piwigo here (http://piwigo.org/)


(JustResizeIt! is not related to Piwigo)



One time Setup


The setup of Piwigo and JustResizeIt!+ is very simple.


1. Add folder(s) to Piwigo


Add one ore more folders in /galleries on the server. You can use an FTP Client or SCP if available.


E.g. "JustResizeIt" 


Folder JustResizeIt in Piwigo structure



2. Synchronize structure


Under Administration > Tools > Synchronize, choose "directories only" and uncheck "Simulation".
Start synchronization with "Submit".


Screenshot Piwigo Synchronize structure


You can also set an album as private album so nobody can see the new photos until you sort them into albums.




3. Create the appropriate JustResizeIt!+ widget


In JustResizeIt! create a new widget.


The resizing values depends on where the photos will be displayed. E.g. 1920 x 1080 could be a good choice.


Configure the sending to upload the resized photos to the previously created folder on the server in the Piwigo structure.

 Illustration Widget with upload            Screenshot, sending settings


You are now ready to upload pictures!

Add new photos

You are now ready to add new photo on the gallery.
We assume you have already saved the photos from your camera's flash card.


Two simple, easy and enjoyable steps:

  • Upload photos using drag & drop
  • Arrange albums


Upload photos

Drag an Drop choosen photos on the widget.

Illustration, upload process to Piwigo folder

That's it!

You photos are now on Piwigo. They are visible just for you. You can now sort them in new or existing albums whenever you like.





Arrange photos


Piwigo has a great feature, the virtual albums.
Virtual albums do not exist on disk. You can create them and associate picture from physical albums.



Find the fresh uploaded photos

Open the Batch Manager and set the predefined filter to "With no virtual albums".
All new uploaded photos appears 

Screenshotp, fresh uploaded photos in Piwigo

Choose the photos you want and associate them with a new or an existing album.

Screenshot, associate fresh photos to Piwigo albums




That was it - an enjoyable way to maintain your online gallery!






Logo, Gallery Menalto

Another great gallery supporting the upload method is Gallery 3.0 from http://galleryproject.org/