JustResizeIt! is an application.

No uploads to foreign websites. Keeps your private images where they belong, on your private storage space.

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 JustResizeIt! is a Windows and Mac application. (See system requirements here)


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By installing and using the product you accept the license agreement.

Q: Is the shop secure?
A: Yes, it is. We do not collect nor hold any credit card information. Your payment will be processed exclusively through Saferpay.

Saferpay is the e-payment service provided by the SIX Payment Services, part of the SIX Group , the leading financial service provider in Switzerland.






In JustResizeIt!+ click on the key symbol.

Icon license dialog in JustResizeIt! header


And enter

  • the email address the product is registered to
  • the license key
Screenshot license dialog JustResizeIt!+

Q: What if something goes wrong?
A: We are ready to support you. Please contact our support.


Q: Do I need an Internet connection?
A: Yes, you need an Internet connection to register JustResizeIt! 

Q: I lost my license key! What can I do?
A: Simply go to the shop and select the Restore License option.



In some download sites, JustResizeIt! (free) is listed as JustResizeIt free and JustResizeIt!+ is listed as JustResizeIt plus due to product name symbol restrictions.