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Best of the both worlds



Illustration, Perspectives Software Solutions Switzerland and Serbia on the map of Europe


PERSPECTIVES Software Solutions is a Group consisting of two companies:


  • Perspectives Software Solutions GmbH
    Zurich, Switzerland, since 1998
  • Perspectives Software Solutions d.o.o.
    Belgrade, Serbia, since 2002

The Group structure enables us to bring out the best from both countries - Swiss management and quality combined with the exceptional engineering skills from Eastern Europe. The Swiss company is primary contractor of all services providing the appropriate guarantees and protection for its clients under the EU laws. Perspectives is dedicated to providing high quality standards in management, QA, and engineering practices leading towards a successful project execution, ranging from small enterprise to the corporate level.

QUALITY & PROTECTIONPerspectives Software Solutions References
Our Project Managers stand out in delivering a Swiss-grade quality project management to all our projects. All agreements are protected under the Swiss Law.

Reducing the time-to-market by building on top of a range of standardized industry solutions.

Our engineers take pride in producing innovative, efficient, and versatile solutions. We love Linux and Open Source. Nevertheless, we also produce brilliant solutions for Microsoft based platforms.

Our research and development center in Eastern Europe (Serbia) is awarding cost benefits to our clients yet, being so close to our main HQ, we can provide onsite services to our clients while maintain Swiss quality of products and services.




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If you should have questions about our products or services, or if you would like to receive a free quote for any of your projects, please contact our office by mail or phone.


Tel +41 (0)44 461 30 20