What does JustResizeIt! do?


...and what
it doesn't do


JustResizeIt! just resizes pictures.

Resizing pictures is what most people do.
Few of us edit pictures: crop them, adjust brightness or contrast, remove red eyes, apply filters or effects and save them in other formats.

If you need any of those features there is a rich collection of software tools you may choose from. Some of them are even free!

JustResizeIt! resizes pictures.



JustResizeIt! comes in two versions:

  • JustResizeIt!+

    The "+" version has a fast resizing engine and preserves EXIF information.
    The "+" version provides additional useful features after the resizing is done: organize your collections, share with friends, manage your own gallery online and many more. 


  • JustResizeIt! (free)

    The free version is meant for occasional usage where the sending can be done manually.
    The free version does not have additional features.