Have your personal online gallery with drag & drop



Create a widget in JustResizeIt!+ that sends the pictures to your personal gallery after resizing. Then, you can simply maintain your picture gallery with drag & drop.





There are two different ways creating and maintaining online galleries

  • Simple galleries - no need to install additional server side software, just upload a few files and add your photos using drag & drop 
  • Database galleries - install a database driven gallery and enjoy all the comfort

To have your own personal gallery online, you can either:

Low cost: 

  1. Register a domain
    Registering your own domain is easy, fast and low-cost. Domains like *.com, *.net, *.org cost a few $ per year.
  2. Rent webspace
    Webhosting is available for everybody. For simple galleries capable of holding thousands of picutres, renting space is very cheap. For database based galleries hosting is still available for a few $ per month.


  1. Create a dynamic DNS to access your NAS or own Cloud
    You can setup a dynamic DNS at many services, basic feature usualy free.
  2. Use your home NAS to serve static galleries, for free