Resize pictures

What does JustResizeIt! do?


...and what it doesn't do

JustResizeIt! just resizes pictures.

Resizing pictures is what most people do.
Few of us edit pictures: crop them, adjust brightness or constrast, remove red eyes, apply filters or effects and save them in other formats.

If you need any of those features there is a rich collection of software tools you may choose from. Some of them are even free!

Two ways of resizing


JustResizeIt! resizes images in two ways:


  • Width and height - Define precisely the final dimensions of the image  
  • Percentage - Define how much smaller the image should be
Icon resize

Width and height

With maximum width and height, you define the boundaries the picture will be resized within.


Resize boundaries for landscapeResize boundaries for portrait


Typical usage

Resize your pictures to the maximum resolution of your TV. The quality of viewing is preserved (see Image quality in Tips & tricks). But, as your pictures are smaller, copying to a USB stick and loading on your HDTV gets done in 10x less time!

 Example of different formats on FullHD TV set


See examples of usage in Tips & Tricks:


With the percentage you define how many times smaller you want the image to get.


Resize boundaries when using percent 

Typical usage

Resize you pictures before using them in documents. Your documents will have the same quality while viewing and printing but they will load much faster and you won't have to wait for long to send and receive them by email.


Example of resized pictures in documents


See examples of usage in Tips & Tricks:

  • Use percentage - keep your documents small but keep the quality of your work high


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