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What does JustResizeIt! do?


...and what it doesn't do

JustResizeIt! just resizes pictures.

Resizing pictures is what most people do.
Few of us edit pictures: crop them, adjust brightness or constrast, remove red eyes, apply filters or effects and save them in other formats.

If you need any of those features there is a rich collection of software tools you may choose from. Some of them are even free!

Create entire collections


JustResizeIt!+ can copy resized pictures to a folder.


Enjoy photo collections that you can carry with you.


USB sticks, smartphones and tablets are becoming common things but they have less capacity than your PC or Mac hard drive. By resizing pictures, you can fit all of your best pictures on a portable device.


It is pretty straightforward - in the settings of a widget point to a folder on your computer. When you drag and drop pictures on the widget they are resized and sent to the chosen folder.

Icon USB stick

Typical usage

Carry all your best photos on your smartphone and tablet.

As technology advances everyday, displays are becoming more and more powerful. You can enjoy your best moments in an amazing quality of viewing.

You can also stream your images from a smartphone or a tablet on a full HD TV set.

Example of a tablet gallery folder

Build albums of resized photos on your local hard drive and copy them to your smartphone or tablet.


You can carry hundreds of best moments with you.

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