What does JustResizeIt! do?


...and what it doesn't do

JustResizeIt! just resizes pictures.

Resizing pictures is what most people do.
Few of us edit pictures: crop them, adjust brightness or constrast, remove red eyes, apply filters or effects and save them in other formats.

If you need any of those features there is a rich collection of software tools you may choose from. Some of them are even free!

Keep your valuable information


JustResizeIt!+ preserves EXIF information.


Appreciate the original information for faster and easier handling while creating albums and galleries.


JPEG images from digital cameras contain a lot of information about the mode the picture was taken (stored in the EXIF headers). JustResizeIt!+ preserves the information during resizing.

Icon lens

Among the most valuable information for future handling are the original date and the camera model:


Example of date and time line in EXIF
Example of date and time line in EXIF


Most picture viewing software display the EXIF information:

Example of an entire EXIF

Typical usage


Example of calendar view in a photo gallery

Arrange photos in your gallery by creation date.


Some galleries allow visitors to navigate through photo collections by date


See examples in Tips & Tricks:



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