When to use percentage?

Use percentage prior to embed images into documents

Let's compare a document containing a resized image with a document containing an original image.

We take an original image taken with a 16MP digital camera. Then we integrate it in a document once as original and once resized at 25% percent.


We take


Original image 100%  3.4 MiB  DSC00839.JPG 
Resized image  25%
Quality 80 



We get


Document with original image in LibreOffice format 3.1 MiB Resize_Percentage_full.odt 
  in PDF format 2.3 MiB Resize_Percentage_full.pdf 
Document with resized image in LibreOffice format 203 KiB Resize_Percentage_25_80.odt 
  in PDF format 145 KiB Resize_Percentage_25_80.pdf 



Let's look at the difference


We open both document with a zoom factor of 100% and look at a detail in the picture on the screen

Document with embeded image

Document with the original image

Zoom on detail of an embeded image in original size in a document


Document with the resized image

Zoom on detail of an embeded resized image in a document


You don't see any difference? We don't see it either.


For the viewer, the quality is absolutely the same on screen and hardly noticeable on printed document.
The size is 16 times smaller, resulting in 16 times faster email sending and receiving, 16 times faster coping on USB stick and 16 times faster load from web.





Resize your digital camera picture to 20% - 30% of the original size prior to embed them into documents.