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JustResizeIt!+ 2.0, new version introduces drag & drop private picture sharing


Simplifying the distribution of pictures to one simple drag & drop lifts the barriers of private sharing.


Zurich, Switzerland – 11th July 2013 – Perspectives Software Solutions announced the release of JustResizeIt! + 2.0 based on the innovations of JustResizeIt!. By adding sending capabilities, pictures are automatically resized and sent to a group of email addresses or uploaded to an online gallery controlled by the user. Private sharing of pictures is simplified to a single drag & drop.   Read more >>>


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  • Digital cameras shoot images with many megapixels. This is necessary for good printouts, but makes difficult to enjoy them on digital devices. The many megabytes are to heavy for e-mail, Web, mobile phones and tablets. The resizing effort is often too large. Your best moments .... more

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Graphical Material

We prepared a collection of JustResizeIt! logos and graphical elements in different sizes and for different backgrounds.

Please use the scalable elements in SVG format when ever possible.