How to carry all your pictures?


If your mobile device does not support external memory cards, you could pay up to US$ 100 for an extra 16GB of internal memory.

In terms of pictures, 16GB is not a lot.

On one event (brithday, party, excursion, etc.) you can easily shoot a hundred pictures. If each picture has around 4MB, your will reach 16GB after only 40 events. At one event weekly, you reach the limit in only one year.


  Original size Resized for FullHD
(Quality 60%) 
Size per picture 4MB 0.25MB
Number of pictures on 16GB 4000 64000


 What can I take?


Only a few


Your entire collection
with you




A few simple steps to stop paying for memory



  1. Create a folder on your computer for the resized images

  2. Create a widget with
    • Width an Height at 1920 (for full HD)
    • Quality 60% (enough for viewing)
    • Set sending resized images to the previously created folder

Now simply drag an drop pictures on the widget.


After the pictures are resized, simply synchonize the folder with your device.


Illustration, prepare and load to tablets and smartphones


You can also set different widgets with different settings for different mobile devices.