Working with widgets



Editing widgets


Help, Dialog edit widget

To change a widget's settings,

  • drop the widget onto the "Edit" tray


  • double-click on the widget
  • right-click on the widget and choose the "Edit" option from the context menu.



Resize settings






Help, Settings resize parameters



Resizing values can be defined


  • in pixels (Max Width & Max Height), or
  • in percentages of the original image's pixel size (Percent).


If you define it in pixels, the values entered in "Max Width" and "Max Height" are representing the maximal values - boundaries of the resulting image.

Help, boundaries landscapeHelp, boundaries portrait




  • Email
    If you want to send pictures as inline images in an email, 800x800 px could be a good choice. Portait and landscape images will look the same size and the width will not surpass 800 px.
  • TV set
    A full HD TV has a resolution of 1920x1080 px. Thus landscape images can be nicely wide, while portrait pictures have to be displayed much smaller with a maximum height of 1080 px. Set 1920x1080 px as a good choice for HD TV and monitors.


Help, Example viewing images on FullHD TV




Aspect ratio


Help, Settings, Locked aspect ratio

If the adjacent Lock icon is closed, Max Width and Max Height will preserve the current aspect ratio. You can enter the desired values manually, or by clicking on the up/down arrows - values are changed in steps of 1 pixel.



Help, Settings, Unlocked aspect ratio

If you want custom Max Width and Max Height values, please open the Lock icon by clicking on it and enter the new values.






Percentage is often used to prepare pictures to be integrated into documents.




  • Original image size 12+MPix (digital camera) -> suggested percentage settings 25%
  • Original image size 6Mpix (old digital camera) -> suggested percentage settings 50%


Visit Tips & Tricks, Percentage for more information.






JPEG compression is defined by the Quality setting.

The higher the number, the better is the quality of the resized image.


Average quality value is 80, while the minimum quality value maintaining fair image visibility is 30.


Visit Tips & Tricks, Image quality to learn what is the best choice




Create copy


Your original files are never changed!


The "Create copy" checkbox defines whether the application will create renamed copies in the source folder containing the original image, instead having them only in the widget.


Either way, once processed, the resized copies can be moved to another directory, or attached to an e-mail message by dragging the list of resized files from the widget.




File names


Your original files' names are never changed!


The file name of the resized image will be extended by the resized dimension setting:


  • Width & Height: [Original name]_[width]x[height], for example: DSC2345_1920x1080.jpg  
  • Percentage: [Original name]_[percentage]p, for example: DSC2345_25p.jpg 

(+ only)

There is also an option to include the name of the containing folder of the original image as well as it's parent folder's name in the file name of the resized image.


Help, Output settings, File name







Help, Widget decor settings

You can customize the appearance of a widget by either choosing a fill color using the color selector, or a background image from the list.


Upon making the intended adjustments to the "Output" and "Decor" settings, click on the OK button to confirm your recent changes.




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