Resizing and private sharing


JustResizeIt! mobile resizes pictures and is equipped with sending features that allow easy private sharing.



resize_50.pngResize pictures

JustResizeIt! mobile can resize multiple pictures to fixed or relative size
Typical usage: Prepare the pictures to send automatically after resizing



home_mail_86.pngSend via email

JustResizeIt! mobile can compose an email containing many resized pictures that you selected for sending to multiple recipients (you need to define them only once).
Typical usage: Send your latest pictures to friends and family.



online_server_86.pngSend via FTP

JustResizeIt! mobile can send the resized pictures that you selected to your server via FTP.
Typical usage: Add new picutres directly to your private online gallery.



usb_stick_86.pngSend to local folder

JustResizeIt! mobile can write the resized pictures you selected to a new album on the smartphone.
Typical usage: Create a "Best of the best" album or create an album that is safe to be shown to everybody and can be streamed using DLNA.


Settings Overview