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You need to follow the next few simple stepsJRI_ad_04_glow.png



1. Create your banner



The banner has to fit the bottom portion of the application.




You can use the following technical definitions

  • png format
  • width 210 px
  • height 100 px
  • bottom corner radius 12 px

Or you can download the mask and use it in your image editor.




  • Design
    Create your banner carefully. Once users have installed the application, you cannot force them to delete it.

  • Time limited information
    Avoid putting time limited information on the banner. Street adress and phone numbers may change. This version is not meant to provide an information channel. The users will install the application and use it a longer periode of time.

  • Be conscientious
    Review your design internaly, test the look on different wallpapers, don't use copyrighted images. We won't always provide you with a new version.



2. Choose the URL


Choose where the user will land when he clicks on your banner.




Be very carefull in your choice. The user will install the application and can use it over years. Your URL must be valid over a long time period.


  • We suggest to to create a landing page reachable though a simple URL (e.g. Then you can build a redirect mechanism on this URL.
  • You can also create a subdomain (e.g. 
  • Avoid defining URL containing statistical references (e.g. as you cannot be sure that the same system will work in a few years




3. Fill up the following form

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