Simple gallery



There are two type of simple galleries:

  • Static HTML
  • Dynamic



Static HTML




The simplest way to create a HTML gallery.

Just setup a JustResizeIt!+ widget to create a gallery after resizing, then drag and drop the pictures on the widget. To add pictures just drag them on the same widget. Then copy the created files to any device, for example: USB storage, smartphone, NAS or web server.



live example


JustResizeIt!+ recognizes 3DWiggle images and is the fastest way to setup a 3D image gallery with images create with 3DWiggle (


live example


list-add.pngMajor advantage of static HTML: no web server needed

The major advantage of a static HTML gallery is that you dont need a web server.

You can serve your gallery from any device. Directly from an USB stick, over WiFi from a smartphone, online from your NAS and naturally from any web server.

Download (2.7MB) or (4.3MB), unpack and try it yourself






There are many simple galleries online.


See four online examples we tried during the writing of this Tip & Trick


Pagemap ImageWall


Simple to set up - just copy the file index.php.
Optionally, set permission of folder for performance and edit config.txt to customize.

Pagemap ImageWall example

live example


Single File PHP Gallery 4.1.1


Simple to set up - just copy index.php
More options, including some security features.
Subdirectories are automaticaly sub galleries.

Single File PHP Gallery 4.1.1 example

live example


Flash Gallery

Few more files to copy.
Resizable, Fullscreen option,  gallery is in Flash.


Flash Gallery example 

live example



Some files to copy. Multi-directory installation possible.
Customization, themes, including responsive theme (for tablets and mobile).


UberGallery example

live example




How to create a static gallery?


JustResizeIt!+ will create the index.html and all images needed for the gallery in a folder. When you add images, JustResizeIt!+ will add them to the folder and modify the gallery index.html accordingly. After creation or modification of the gallery, simply copy or synchronize the folder on any device like a USB stick, a smartphone or NAS.


To create a static gallery follow the next easy steps:


  1. Setup JustResizeIt!+
    Create a new widget, set to resize e.g. 1920x1080 and choose the folder where to save the gallery. Optionaly, use the other features for a more advanced setup.


  2. Drag and Drop images
    Your widget is now ready to receive new images whenever you want.
  3. (Optionally) Copy or synchronize the folder with your SB stick, smartphone, NAS or even web server. See 


How to create a dynamic gallery?


A simple gallery often has only one index.php file to copy, along with the images you want to be displayed.


To create a simple gallery follow the next easy steps:


  1. Find a free gallery you like
    Search the web for "single file gallery" or "image gallery folder"
    (Examples: and
  2. Dowload the file
    Dowload the gallery file(s) and save them localy
    (Examples: index.php in both examples)
  3.  Create a new gallery on your server
    With an FTP client, create a new folder and copy the file(s)
    (Examples: /galleries/trip_to_switzerland/ and copy index.php)
  4. Setup JustResizeIt!+
    Create a new widget, set to resize e.g. 1280x800 and to send the resized pictures to the server. 

    Sending settings for simple gallery 

  5. Drag and drop images
    Your widget is now ready to receive new images whenever you want. 

To add albums to existing galleries, either:


  • Create an additional folder and copy the gallery files (mostly index.php)
  • On some galleries, just add new subfolders
    (Example:  /galleries/ ->  /galleries/marriage, /galleries/my_birthday,...)