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JustResizeIt! mobile can send resized pictures to a server.


JustResizeIt! mobile supports sending pictures via FTP, available at almost any hosting service. JustresizeIt! mobile can also use FTPS, a secure version of FTP.

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Have your own photo gallery online.


It's very easy to have your own photo gallery online.
Simple galleries are completely created by just uploading pictures in a folder on a server usually along with a few program files. Data-based galleries need a simple installation and a first setup but offer many more features.

Webspace is cheap and easy to setup today. There is really no need to upload your pictures to foreign services. Remain in control of your copyright.


See examples in Tips & Tricks:

  • Simple galleries - no need to install any server side software, just upload a few files and add your photos using drag & drop
  • Database galleries - install a database driven gallery and enjoy all the comfort