— Jul 11, 2013

JustResizeIt!+ 2.0 launched

By adding sending capabilities, pictures are automatically resized and sent to a group of email addresses or uploaded to an online gallery controlled by the user. Private sharing of pictures is simplified to a single drag & drop.

— Sep 20, 2009

NZZ, tip of the week

JustResizeIt! was promoted to tip of the week "Tipp der Woche" by the prominent Zurich's Newpaper NZZ, Neue Züricher Zeitung. desc

— Feb 3, 2009

First version lauched

First version of JustResizeIt! is launched. The image resizer is done to test the drag&drop concept. Instead of applying tools to a file, the file is dropped on a tool. The tool already knows what to do with the file.



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